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Casas Project 2021

Project features

Boho Escape

Location: Av. October 12, Quito.

Area: 25 m2

Year: 2021

Status: Built

We always start from the principle that each project is made up of people, that is why we always think about emotions and experiences that we want to share with users. We are curious, creative and open to the infinite possibility that in a space, everything can be created.

For Casas Project we built an indoor/outdoor lounge that provides a unique, safe and memorable experience. Aware of the new needs as a result of the pandemic, they have managed to conceive more than a space: it is an experience that fuses creativity and nature inside. A fundamental and vital escape. 

We chose textures that simulate natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, vegetation, etc. It is always a process to listen to people, understand what they say, try to materialize what they want. At Marina Group we always push our limits, trying to rethink the way we interact with our environment, raise the bar and see design from different points of view.

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