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About us

Marina Group ™ is a multifaceted design firm made up of a group of architects, designers, and engineers, harnessing their innate intuition and creativity  to achieve distinguished works of art in various industries. We work seamlessly across disciplines by leveraging our extensive network of creative partners and tailoring our services to meet all of our client's needs. Being a dynamic company  and the use of non-linear design sets us apart when creating comprehensive and unique projects.


We are made up of four key areas: Architecture, Interior Design, Branding and Experimental Design. Each area can function as a single note or together as a harmonious chord. Through our diversity and holistic approach, we strengthen the design and construction processes that are essential to each other's success.

We believe that every project has a story to tell, and we are ready to help our clients tell theirs. This is achieved by focusing on the user experience, built on a solid foundation of strategy and creativity.

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